Index-IBL’s sourcing department identifies and develops Latin American suppliers to sell their products to global retail chains. Among them, Lowe’s and Kingfisher, who are second and third internationally ranked in their segment.

Sourcing consists of negotiating, with transparency, directly with the manufacturers to identify innovative products and competitive prices to then present them to the retailers. To better meet the expectations of its clients, Index-IBL develops potential suppliers and optimises fundamental aspects of the business: production time, delivery time and payment terms.

The work carried out by the sourcing and execution departments at Index-IBL continues with the pursuit of improvement of the manufacturers’ processes, where the production and distribution activities are monitored step by step.

By working in such a way, Index-IBL prides itself in guaranteeing shipping punctuality and ensuring fluency and tranquillity throughout the programmes in progress.


The second largest retail chain of home products in the world, Lowe’s has more than 1,800 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico, totalling 200 million square metres of selling space and receives visits from more than 15 million people to their stores each week.

In addition to offering quality products, Lowe’s stores provide installation services and technical assistance to its customers.

Index-IBL acts as Lowe’s sourcing department in South America, identifying and developing potential product suppliers to this huge chain store.


With more than 1,200 stores, Kingfisher ranks third place globally among the retail chains for house and garden products. The chain is present in 10 countries in Europe, and with the brands B&Q, Castorama, Brico Dépôt, Screwfix and Koçtas. The stores serve more than six million consumers each week.

As well as developing suppliers with the potential to produce construction materials and DIY, Index-IBL explores various other types of products that could become part of Kingfisher’s portfolio, in various categories.

Acting as Kingfisher’s eyes and ears in Latin America, Index-IBL is responsible for the negotiation and compatibility of purchase policies, quality monitoring in all the phases of the business, and punctuality in shipping.


All the steps in the negotiations between South American suppliers and market are attended by and managed by Index-IBL’s team of professionals.

The responsibility extends to the aspects of the quality of the products and processes, and how to satisfactorily meet the demands of the market belongs to.
INDEX-IBL's warranty

In order to comply with these requisites, Index-IBL works with quality products, competitive pricing, production deadlines adhered to, convenient payment terms, and strictly punctual shipping and delivery.
How to supply
to LOWE'S and

If you answered YES to each of these questions, get in touch with Index-IBL by e-mail or telephone.

We can identify the opportunities and guide each step of your company until it joins the coveted group of Kingfisher suppliers.

  • • Do you manufacture world-class products?
  • • Are your products suitable for the North American market? Can they be adapted?
  • • Do you believe your products have globally competitive prices?
  • • Is your company guided by ethical values?

We are interested in guiding and developing companies which are potentially capable of succeeding in the most promising markets in the world. Dedication and commitment, which distinguish our work with clients such as Lowe’s and Kingfisher, are available to all the companies who are interested.

Are you interested? Get in touch with Index-IBL by e-mail or telephone. And welcome to a world of opportunities.

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