Index-IBL has everything in order to be your company’s import or export department, wherever you may be in this global market.

The teams of specialists at Index-IBL, with more than 10 years’ experience in international business, are ready to cover all the stages of negotiations at your company, to import or export goods with complete assurance and to guarantee quality in all the services involved in the process.
The permanent objective of developing long-lasting partnerships leads the departments of international business at Index-IBL to put in extra effort in order to meet and exceed the clients’ expectations.
Index-IBL has the expertise to identify suppliers and buyers, negotiate prices, develop products, approve samples, carry out inspections and book freight services; fulfilling all legal requirements, quality requisites and technical specifications.

Relying upon Index-IBL’s import and export departments means reductions in costs and the certainty of good business for your company – either in international business of raw materials or in finished products – in all the steps throughout the process up to the shipping and delivery of the cargo at the final destination.

Due to its vast experience in the specific area of lumber export in South America, Index-IBL maintains a solid relationship with the key suppliers. Moreover, at its disposal is a team of industrial engineers specialised in wood technology, amply qualified to identify products of the best quality at the most competitive prices, guaranteeing the rigorous delivery deadlines.

Who we are
You provide the specifications of what your company wants to import or export and Index-IBL will get into action with the following:
Identify the best opportunities in the international market.
Develop a plan to specifically tend to your request.
Present cost estimates to verify the competitiveness of each operation.
Control the entire process of identifying the supplier or buyer.
Develop the product until it is in accordance with the established specifications.
Manage the commercial, quality, logistics and financial aspects.
Provide the necessary documentation in order to fulfil the legal requirements of the country of origin and destination of all operations.
Create a budget spreadsheet with actual figures so that the client has a clear vision of his disbursement.
Ensure that the companies involved in the operation respect the principles of compliance currently exercised by world-class organisations.
Monitor all the steps during transport, from shipping to the delivery at the specified location.

We are interested in guiding and developing companies which are potentially capable of succeeding in the most promising markets in the world. Dedication and commitment, which distinguish our work with clients such as Lowe’s and Kingfisher, are available to all the companies who are interested.

Are you interested? Get in touch with Index-IBL by e-mail or telephone. And welcome to a world of opportunities.

Avenue Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 306 – room 137
Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

Phone: +55 41 3233-4664
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