Sourcing, import or export – whichever type of business your company conducts in partnership with Index-IBL, complete satisfaction is also ensured at the execution stage.

Together, the Quality and Logistics sectors constitute the Execution Department at Index-IBL, which follows closely the productive and distribution chains, paramount to the success of any business.

It is at this stage that each project is ascribed to the OTIFEF (on time, in full, error free) model, so that it reaches its final destination at the requested deadline, comprising all the constant items of the order, without any flaws

In connecting all the parties involved, the Execution Department works together with the suppliers, partners, and clients, in order to avoid oversights, minimise risks and guarantee operational fluidity throughout the whole process.
performed procedures
So that this can take place, Index-IBL carries out the following procedures:

Manage the Quality, Social and Environment and Safety auditing processes. Prepare the suppliers for the audit demanded by the large retail chains and large industries. Guide the suppliers on resolving any non-conformity issues until the end of the audit.

Train the manufacturers on inspection methods before starting operations, and develop suppliers so that they implement their own systems of quality management.

Carry out inspections in four different moments of the process: pre-production, production, pre-shipping and loading.

Collaborate with the suppliers’ internal processes, clarifying any doubts, and eliminating errors, in order that the requirements and expectations of the buyers are met.

Manage the dispatch of samples by the suppliers, advising them in each aspect.

Recommend to clients the best logistics options and negotiate the best rates for national and international transport services.

Verify the documentation in the import and export processes in order to reduce risks to the very minimum in shipping and customs clearance.

Manage the shipping, following up on all the steps: from the arrival of the orders and the inspections carried out by the supplier’s quality team, up to the arrival of the product at its final destination.

We are interested in guiding and developing companies which are potentially capable of succeeding in the most promising markets in the world. Dedication and commitment, which distinguish our work with clients such as Lowe’s and Kingfisher, are available to all the companies who are interested.

Are you interested? Get in touch with Index-IBL by e-mail or telephone. And welcome to a world of opportunities.

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